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JM Endurance (jMe) provides personalised training and coaching services for all types of endurance events. Our philosophy is simple, 'to fit the sport into your life - not your life into the sport'. This means that all of your individual needs, commitments, and time demands in your day to day life with family, work, interests and social demands will be incorporated and considered.

Your goal event might be in Triathlon, Duathlon, Ironman, half or full Marathon, or maybe just to improve your health and fitness. jMe can help fit the pieces of the puzzle together, and tailor a programme to help you reach your goals.

jMe will guide you in your preparation for your next event by providing a structured training programme that will enable you to become ‘fitter, faster, and stronger’. This training structure works for all ranges of athletes, from beginners through to the seriously competitive athletes. Previously we have helped with programs for sprint triathlon, olympic distance, half ironman, Ironman, Xterra triathlon, ultra-distances and swim-run events.

Coach Jeff

Jeff McGrath has been involved in the sport of triathlon for 30 years, competing in his first triathlon event back in 1989. His passion for this sport has seen him training and racing around the world, as well as being involved with administration and management roles at both a club and international level. 

In 2013, Jeff attained his Level 1 Coaching Accreditation with Triathlon NZ and established JM Endurance (jMe) to be able to share in his passion and provide triathlon coaching guidance and advice to likeminded individuals. What initially started out as a hobby, has grown into a full time role due to the popularity and success of his coaching.

Jeff has had personal experience and success in a wide range of events such as; road running, cross country running, cycle racing, triathlon, duathlon, Xterra triathlon, half marathon, marathon, Half Ironman, Ironman, and in recent years the European inspired Swim Run events.

When it comes to coaching and training, Jeff will not ask any of his athletes to undertake a training session that he isn’t prepared to do himself, and most likely he has already done himself several times.

Fitter. Faster. Stronger

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