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I have been competing in triathlon and multisport events for 18 years, initially as a participant. Since joining jMe in 2013, with Jeff's guidance I gained an understanding of how to train efficiently and the resulting significant improvement in performance transformed me from a participant to a competitor. Like most people, I am time poor, but Jeff has shown me that with good structure and a balanced programme, I can prepare for a goal event getting the most out of the time I have available. My Ironman race time has reduced from 10:46 to a pb of 9:28 and in 2018 a qualification for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, which was a major goal and one I wouldn’t have achieved without Jeffs guidance, coaching and experience. Having a coach who has ‘been there and done that’ and who can relate to my lifestyle, adapt a programme to suit this and my ability at the same time, has been a crucial part of me achieving my goals. I would highly recommend jMe coaching to anyone wanting to get the most out of themselves and this sport in the most efficient and fun way possible!”
Merv Hunger
Hawaii Ironman finisher
I have been coached by Jeff for a few months now and chose him because he has a demonstrated history of being a great Ironman racer who has done what I want to achieve. Since I have been using him as a coach I have come to appreciate not only is he a great athlete but also a great motivator and leader. While out on training sessions with Jeff he keeps me motivated to continue to push right to the end of the session. It seems as though getting the best out of people comes naturally to Jeff.
Jed Eden
Hawaii Ironman finisher
We have know Jeff for several years through Taranaki Triathlon Club and now as our daughter Emma's triathlon coach for the last 8 months. As Emma's triathlon coach he has instilled in her the self belief that she can achieve what ever she wants to achieve not only in her sport but also in life. He is approachable, supportive, kind and most of all cares about her as person and we feel these are things that are important to us as her parents. Jeff has made huge impact in our lives and has been extremely influential in Emma's sporting career by creating a very trusting relationship with her and also making training exciting .. We have also been impressed with his communication skills as well as his professionalism.
Daniel's Family
ITU Age Group Medalist
I left my first meeting with Jeff to discuss Ironman with the knowledge that one person at that meeting believed I could complete an Ironman triathlon, that person was Jeff. I started my journey having never completed a triathlon of any distance so the knowledge I got from Jeff was absolutely essential in my preparations. I found the training program Jeff designed worked perfectly around my young family and shift work. I won’t say Jeff made Ironman easy, as Ironman is not supposed to be easy, but he made it enjoyable and possible.
Steve Casey
Ironman NZ Finisher
After completing 3 Ironman events I decided to go under jMe Endurance to develop a training plan to work within my busy lifestyle. I am a father of 2 school aged children, have a busy family life and work full time so ensuring I could fit everything in and not sacrifice my family was paramount. My key goal was to better my previous finishing times and improve my mindset. Unfortunately 10 weeks out from the race I had a serious back injury that put me out for 4 weeks but through the constant support and reassurance from Jeff, my programme was adapted to suit my needs and allowed me to start the race in a strong position both physically and mentally. The constant advice and guidance from my coach and the extended JMe whānau was amazing. They were a continual boost of positive energy throughout the training process. To finish the race with a 50 minute PB blew all expectations. Ngā mihi nui rawa atu ki a koe Jeff, piharau manawanui- huge appreciation to you Jeff, determined to the end!
Scott Fortune
Ironman NZ Finisher
I have been training with jMe for several years and have found Jeff to be an amazing coach and mentor. Regardless of your ability, Jeff will put a plan together that will achieve your goals and you will most importantly have fun while doing it. One of the things I love about the jMe sessions is that they are quality focused. Jeff does not have you out for hours and hours on end for no reason. If required there are long sessions, but these are quality sessions for a specific purpose. Jeff’s knowledge and first hand experience of what it’s like to be 23km into a run during an Ironman is also one of his many key attributes. He knows what it is like? He has been there and this leads to sessions and mentoring on how to get through those dark times. And not just make it through, but smash it out of the park. Jeff has a great personal connection with all of his athletes and is always there for you. A great coach, athlete and mentor, if you are looking for a coach who will go the extra mile and have you absolutely smash your goals then Jeff is the coach for you!
Ross “Piko” Peters
Age Group Triathlete
Jeff McGrath has been my coach for approximately 4 years. When I started out under the jme brand I had no idea what I was doing and needed guidance and encouragement. What appealed to me was the philosophy that Jeff has of having quality sessions rather than quantity. I didn't want my life taken up by triathlon but still wanted to fulfil my goals. This has definitely happened under Jeff, I have since completed ten 70.3 races, a full ironman, and been to the world long course triathlon champs. I would highly recommend Jeff as a top quality mentor and coach.
Neil Phillips
Experienced Endurance Competitor
Jeff is a real inspiration and leads from the front as a coach - using his huge experience in multisport to propel his athletes towards their personal successes. Regardless of your experience in endurance sport or specific goals you are trying to achieve, Jeff finds out who you are as a person and uses your past experiences and sporting successes to encourage and motivate you. He is super positive, caring, honest and genuine but will push you when needed and often believes in your capabilities more than yourself! Jeff is very aware that sport fits around your life and he creates a supportive, fun and friendly environment to train with a focus on consistent quality sessions.
Heidi Smith
Age Group Triathlete

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